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Cupping in Cold Spring
& Neighboring Communities

At ProWellness Chiropractic and Rehab, our team of chiropractors, physical therapists and nurse practitioners works together to provide the optimal customized care plan to help you meet your specific needs and goals.

By collaborating on care, we are able to provide results that one discipline alone could not achieve. For many of our patients, cupping is a valuable component of their physical therapy that helps with pain relief and mobility.

What Is It?

There are different techniques, and they generally all work by placing cups on the skin and creating suction, which increases blood flow to the area and helps to reduce pain and muscle tension. Some of the main benefits of this therapy include:

  • Pain relief
  • Speeds recovery after athletic event or injury
  • Releases trigger points
  • Decreases muscle spasm
  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • Reduces myofascial stiffness
cup[ping on shoulder
Our physical therapists are trained in several methods and offer:

  • silicone cups for use while you are doing your functional movement exercises
  • cupping with massage, where the cups are moved to different areas
  • static cupping, where the cups remain in the same place throughout the session

Whole Body Approach

Our therapists take a holistic view of the body and use multiple approaches to locate and address the root cause of the problem. So if you’re experiencing knee pain, for example, we won’t just be focused on your knee—everything in the body is connected, and often the underlying problem is not where the pain is.

Education is a big part of what we do, and we strive to help you understand the reason for your pain or dysfunction as well as why and how our recommendations may help.

Relief and Mobility

Most patients experience some relief immediately. Although full healing and optimal mobility may take time, reducing pain is an important first step to help you move better and get closer to your goals.

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