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Webster Technique in
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pregnant person with hands on tummySubluxations where the sacrum joins the pelvis (hip) can be quite common during the course of pregnancy. Besides potentially interfering with the baby assuming the normal head-down position in preparation for delivery, it can produce a variety of symptoms in mothers preparing for the culmination of their pregnancy.

At ProWellness Chiropractic and Rehab, we offer a specialized technique to address this issue and help you maintain optimal pelvic balance and spinal alignment during pregnancy.

The Sacral Subluxation

Developed by the late Larry Webster, D.C., the chiropractic technique he developed and taught chiropractors around the world—called the Webster Technique—helps release stress on the pelvis, relaxing surrounding ligaments and reducing the sacral subluxation to help restore more normal function.

Sacral subs may cause the tightening and twisting of pelvic muscles and ligaments, constraining the uterus. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of subluxation and the associated dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint. The result? Neurobiomechanical function in the sacral/pelvic region is improved, benefiting pregnant mothers or others with sacral subluxations.

For pregnant women, this can mean that there is enough room for their baby to get into the optimal position for birth. Of course, nothing a chiropractor does moves the baby; but by reducing uterine constraint, a baby has more room to move appropriately.

High Success Rate

The July/August 2002 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reports that 82% of chiropractors using the Webster Technique reported success in reducing the sacral subluxation.
Sometimes when using the Webster Technique, the associated dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint can be reduced with just one adjustment. But usually it takes between three to ten visits over a several week period.

Low Risk

Because the Webster Technique relies on the inborn intelligence of the mother and baby, there is little risk. The Webster Technique is based on the positive experiences of pregnant patients, the clinical experience of its many practitioners, academic studies on the subject of sacral subluxation and its consequences to proper pelvic function.

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