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Logan Technique

Back painLogan Basic

Logan Basic Technique, developed by Hugh B. Logan D.C., focused on the fact that the spine rested on the sacrum. His goal was to able to level and remove subluxation in the sacrum, so that a more stabilized spinal base would prevent other spinal subluxations from occurring.


Dr. Logan analysis revolves around the five cardinal signs, that can be remembered by the acronym HELPS.

  • H – Higher iliac crest
  • E – Erector spinae (tight)
  • L – Lowest moveable vertebral body rotation
  • P – Pain during palpation
  • S – Sacrotuberous ligament (tight)

The use of these 5 signs to see what side most of the signs are on, allows the chiropractor to know which sacrotuberous ligament to contact during the treatment.


Constant pressure will be applied on the proper sacrotuberous ligament, while the other hand moves up the spine feeling for tightness in the spinal muscles. The length of the adjustment is determined by the amount of tension and areas found as the chiropractor goes up the spine. Patients report feeling relaxed after this technique is performed, as it decreases the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight response) and increases the parasympathetic nervous system (relax and digest response).

When Used

This technique can be valuable in helping pregnant women as they experience lot more tension and stress on the sacrum and pelvic region. We also see great results with babies, especially as they learn to walk, and keep falling on their sacrum. Since this is such a light force technique it is great for kids as they develop. Finally, it shows great results in helping kids to be able to unwind and calm down to be able to sleep.


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